• Lash Infuzed Fibre Mascara


    How does Lash Infuzed Fibre Mascara work?

    Step 1: Make sure your eyelashes are clean and free from mascara. Apply a generous amount of the gel mascara to your top and bottom lashes, ensuring that every lash is coated. 

    Step 2: Apply a coat of the natural fibres to your lashes, top and bottom.

    Step 3: Finish with a generous second coat of the Gel Mascara to coat the fibers and seal them to your lashes. REPEAT STEPS 1, 2 AND 3 FOR LONGER LUXURIOUS LASHES. For best results: Perform these Steps on One eye at a time. Very Important: To avoid misuse of the product, these 3 steps must be followed in order as indicated. To Remove Lash Infuzed, Fiber Mascara: Remove as any other Mascara product. Using warm water on Cotton Round or Makeup Remover of choice. Product will remove easily in a tube like form.